The Mirror Project

The Mirror ProjectThe Mirror Project begins the development of a shared narrative in California concerning health, access to care, and wellness.  The name, “Mirror Project” is intended to convey that this project seeks to reflect, without judgment, cutting edge thinking and experiences related to understanding and caring for California’s health at the individual, community, and societal levels.  To this end, the conversations taking place during the project include diverse perspectives and fields of work that provide a foundation for what may emerge as a shared narrative on health in California.  In 2019, the Mirror Project will expand the conversations into communities with original works of art to inspire and ground the discussions about what a shared narrative has to say to those both within and outside of California.

In the first quarter of this project, the following framing has emerged:

  • The meaning of “health” includes consideration of mental, physical and spiritual balance in one’s life.
  • There are opportunities to care for and maintain health by learning more about oneself, one’s community, and local resources that provide care and services beyond those found in conventional health delivery institutions (such as clinics and hospitals). For many—in immigrant communities; senior populations; and marginalized segments of society such as foster youth, prisoners returning to communities after incarceration, and undocumented— creativity in providing access to health and wellness programs has contributed to shaping a narrative in California that values inclusiveness and cultural heritage, yet recognizes the challenges of such “diversity.”
  • Californians have integrated cultural, social, political, and economic strategies to secure individual and community health. This is reflected both in the work of community-based organizations and in public policy priorities that have been set in the state.
  • Issues concerning health care access, self-care, and social change are being integrated into leadership development in connection with community organizing, advocacy for equity and justice, and setting agendas for community health research.