Looking Forward

Over the next three quarters of 2018 and possibly the first quarter of 2019, conversations will continue to be sought.  Reflections by the project leads (Tu and Oh) will be shared on an open blog site that will document how the engagement in conversations shapes their understanding of where and how change in terms of knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and heart/spirit are possible. 

In 2019, a series of community conversations will take place to expand upon the themes that emerge from the individual conversations that take place in 2018.  To date, invitations to contribute to this collective effort have been extended through personal contacts, building upon experiences that have intersected with different people, in different places within the state.

Emergent ideas about social change movements, leadership development opportunities, and integration of diverse experiences  related to health in this state will be presented by the end of the Mirror Project’s two-year cycle.  In addition, the project will include original works of art (portraiture and video) that will serve to reflect the energy that comes from a higher purpose that is manifest in the choice one makes to be in service to others.