Who has contributed (or agreed to contribute) as of April 2018

The range of experience and understanding of what will make for a meaningful shared narrative in California began with reaching individuals known to the project co-directors. 

  • Omar Brownson, River L.A.
  • Alex Dorsey, LA Urban Retreats/founder
  • Michael Lerner, Commonweal/founder
  • DJ Yoon, Korean Resource Center/President
  • John Esterle and Pia Infante, The Whitman Institute/Co-Executives
  • Joe Lumarda, Vice President of Private Philanthropy/the Capital Group
  • Bishop Minerva Carcano, United Methodist Church and TCE Board
  • Mike Murase, Little Tokyo Service Center
  • Aleks Munoz, From Youth Inside/creator and film maker
  • Orland Bishop, Civil Society resource Shadetree Multi-cultural Foundation/Founder
  • Claire Peeps, The Durfee Foundation
  • Alberto Retana, Community Coalition of South Los Angeles

Conversations seek to capture lessons and insights about higher purpose and service to others as part of the work toward the future.  Each individual brings extensive knowledge about communities and each is committed to inclusion, diversity, compassion.  There is broad recognition of the need for healing from large-scale societal trauma that has manifest in the form of racial violence and inequity, environmental degradation, and institutional paralysis.  How to move forward to improve health status, access, and balance of interests is the subject of each conversation.

The Mirror Project intends to produce a clear reflection of the State of California in connection with finding common ground among a diverse people, creating a shared narrative that embraces and honors complexity in today’s understanding of health, and providing a source of inspiration to support discovery of possible futures that will deliver wellness and vibrancy to the people who live here.