Get to Work

August 21, 2019
Los Angeles, CA
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“Who is asking?”

This question is such a great question because the query opens up the possibilities of so many paths to deepening one’s understanding.

What is “understanding?” It is realizing that everything is as it should be, given the conditions we find ourselves facing.

How did we find ourselves facing these conditions? That is where we enter into the recognition of the infinite — how many things had to happen to bring us to this moment? It is mind-boggling.

Today,  news was released that the US government will indefinitely hold children in custody conditions if they are caught crossing the so-called “border” at the southern edge of the place of the Planet we call “California.”  This is so interesting. Here’s what it looks like on the ground:



The so-called border

Yes, this is the reality of the so-called “border”

Yes, this is the reality of the so-called “border”.  It is a plaque, set in cement and at this point, there are all new things that manifest:  language, culture, cuisine, physical differences in the majority of humans that are populating the space/time of the part of the Earth that has been set up as a place called “Mexico”.  Literally, it is a line in the concrete.

And this is what it looks like when you are “returning” to the U.S. from the Mexico side of the Earth:


Another view of the border

The border when you are “returning” to the U.S. from the Mexico side of the Earth

Yes, that’s razor wire and those are hundreds of cars, sitting in neutral, creeping up to the stations where passports and people are examined by agents of the government who believe that such apparatus will keep families from being united.  

Some agents recognize that the migration as a product of conditions of violence and threats of death;  or poverty that has been created by government policies that discard the poor; or environmental conditions that have left the natural resources of a region fallow.  Most have a job to do, so they enforce policies like the one announced today.

What is there to do?  Find ways to bring love and compassion alive in the face of heartlessness and willful apathy and ignorance.  


For the Earth: Recognize that we are the Earth herself and that we all are living beings are intimately related in this inescapable network of mutuality. Contemplate a whole picture of the Earth from space and feel what evokes in you. 

For others:  be gentle. Find a way to kindness and examine your role in creating whatever tension or conflict may exist in relation to others.

For oneself: get quiet — go into the great silence and see what you see; understand what you understand.

Get to work on building that bridge that is one of the hardest to achieve — that’s the one that goes from head to heart.

Support the Gifts of Love and Compassion in Action at www.gocompassion.orgwith donations that will go to a sanctuary for Haitian, Honduran, Salvadoran, Cuban and Guatemalan, Mexican families migrating to peace and security.