What Does this Pandemic Mean For Change In the World?

Angela maskedMarch 16, 2020 is when the announcement was made at Cal State University, Los Angeles – the campus was shutting down due to the pandemic.

The delayed recognition of the seriousness of the virus that was called the “novel corona virus”, has meant exposures to hundreds of thousands of people, some of whom seem to have been infected with no impact on health; others of whom have suffered debilitating conditions and sometimes (too often) death.  As of today, the death count in Los Angeles is:  7,118.

The initial campaign that directed people to “shelter-in” at home was taken seriously from what we could see in Los Angeles – for about a month. 

Then, the killing of George Floyd on May 25, 2020 created a spike that could not be foreseen in March.  The images depicted a problem that has been understood and well known to many for generations.  Now, in the center of movements for individual and community accountability, institutional accountability, and greater government leadership at every level – local, regional, national, and global – another worldwide crisis has gripped human civilization.  Climate change?  Oh, yes – that continues to plague our planet, too.

The shared experiences that grow out of our connections via world conflict, world finance, world climate challenges, and world hunger and violence – are now very well understood by people engaged in their communities.  It was challenging to face the conditions that existed before the pandemic and before the experience of witnessing yet another dark-skinned man killed at the hands of police.  But as things have unfolded, the challenges also were revealed – multi-fold.  Indeed, one might suggest the infinite extent of the harm – cause/effect, cause/effect, cause/effect is being manifest.

How have human beings responded?

Many looked to the experts and leaders who have chosen to take such roles in our societies.  Sadly, the current conditions are such that experts cannot deliver, without politics, their knowledge and recommendations.  Leaders in politics must include in their calculations for maintaining authority and power, what part of truth can be disclosed to the public.

The public, in the meantime, searches for the meaning of all that is unfolding so rapidly in so many directions. 

MasksWhat can be done to care for family and friends to prevent damage to health and spirit?  What can be done to contribute to society to stop the fear and anger that naturally arises when major shifts keep happening?  Where can one find trust and stability when the swirl events that hit individual and communal life is so great?

Oh, were you looking for the answers to these questions?  For now, there seem to be either a multitude of answers or none that make sense.

One place to look – is to yourself.  Are you well?  Have you yet recognized that only you can be the source for answers to these enormous questions?  And if you need help, have you asked?  The things that keep us feeling secure rest in our relationships – to self, to others, to community, to spirit – there are currencies beyond money.  Now is the time when we should be considering how to cultivate this form of survival, growth, and development in this time of complete breakdowns and uncertainty.  No one is “in control”; which means we are all in control – each and every single person.

The pandemic has delivered us to a moment of transformation and recognition that the only means to survival:  stop, recognize things overlooked, feel where your body is now, realize your capacity, and exercise patience so that a force larger than your calculated intent can guide.  Sit, breathe, enter the unknown.