About the Work

O2 logoGift of Compassion (GoC) introduces meditation as a healing practice with a focus on serving under-served, under-resourced segments of society, such as foster youth, formerly incarcerated, social justice organizers, undocumented youth, and individuals in alternative sentencing programs. Collaboration with existing organizations is key because GoC maintains its work in virtual space.

Open access to meditation practice in a collective setting is offered every week at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center, free of charge. This meditation form is Zazen. It is non-guided,/silent, and includes physical activity to test mind/body connection. Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m., 244 South San Pedro Street, Los Angeles, 90013. In 2019, another space in Echo Park will be set for evening meditations.  Dates will be announced through weekly meditation notices.  If you wish to join, please contact us at info@GoCompassion.org.

Projects and collaborations that activated compassion included

  • “Zazen for Daily Living – a Gathering for Los Angeles Activists”
  • “From Prison to Plates – API Reentry”
  • “Gaps in Service Knowledge – What Foster Youth Need to Know”
  • “An Introduction to Zen Meditation”
  • “What’s in the Mirror? Reflections on California’s Shared Narrative on Health and Wellness.

In 2019, GoC will continue to develop “The Mirror Project” – a series of conversations about the shared narrative that could emerge from conflict and chaos.  If you would like to participate in a community conversation, or host a conversation, contact us at  info@GoCompassion.org.