horsesGift of Compassion works with other organizations and individuals who offer different ways to enter a new level of awareness about the deep interconnections that exist among nature and humanity.

Shadetree Multicultural Foundation – Based in Southern California, the Foundation is working to create new agreements that will affirm humanity across all experiences of living. It is creating a new foundation for the spirit of learning.

Resilience Project – Based in northern California and hosting learning opportunities about the possible collapse of civilization as a matter of global concern. One sees we are truly one.

Beyond Boundaries – Based in Paiute country, where the interplay of nature and communities of human migrants have been negotiating how to live as one. This is a place where exploration of the connection to the vital life-giving resource and intergenerational relations go deep.

Tea Classics — Offers meditation and tea experience.  Based in Southern California, tea master Yoon Hee Kim offers both virtual and in-person experiences of tea as a portal for meditation and quieting the spirit.

Gthx –  A space where gratitude and healing come together throughs the artwork of Belinda Liu and her Blooming Gratitude deck and Omar Brownson who infuses every weekly circle with heart and humor.

Migration Support Project — Reflections on the Migration Support Project and other collaborations supported by the Gift of Compassion.

Racial Healing Circles —  Gift of Compassion is creating healing circles for individuals interested in building safe, and respectful spaces for processing the racial incidents and encounters in their personal lives with racism in society.  For more information, email