The Collaborations

Current Collaborations

A two-year narrative development project inviting contributions a conversation about what Californians have to say about health, wellness, and access to health care services in the state.  2018 will focus on conversations with community leaders, health care experts, researchers, and policy-makers.  2019 will engage a broader audience in a series of statewide conversations that will respond to what individuals had to say about the future of health and wellness in California.

An opportunity for anyone interested in Zen meditation to experience group sitting.

A workshop being planned for late summer/early fall in partnership with Rebuild/Recovery.  This will be a half day introduction to self-healing practices for advocates, teachers, social change agents.  The program will include instruction on basic routines and practices that will support the energy output of individuals who are working to restore balance in daily living.


Past Collaborations

A workshop offered in connection with federal court sentencing of individuals in a diversion program to either reduce future sentencing or earn a dismissal of charges. This collaboration continues on an as-requested basis.

A nine-month collaboration with foster youth based in Sonoma County.  The partnership involved teaching meditation as a method to clear the mind, increase focus, and experience a basic self-help/care practice.

A 6-month collaboration with a foster youth nonprofit in Los Angeles County. The partnership supported a Fellowship program that involved teaching meditation, convening young adults facing questions about education, housing, employment in Southern California.

A 6-month collaboration that reached out to undocumented and Dreamer young adults to provide support by teaching meditation as a form of self-care/awareness. The monthly convenings included both foster young adults and immigrant young adults in transitions that are different, but similar in terms of facing life changes and challenges.

A continuing partnership with a newly created nonprofit that provides support to former lifers who have been granted parole. The organization provides personal support and GoC participates in monthly Healing Circles. The importance of support work for prisoners returning to the API/wider community and presence as visible community partners will continue as the organization develops its next phase of work – targeted public education about the criminal justice system’s impact on community.

A one semester collaboration with Extera charter school in Boyle Heights with fifth graders who asked for meditation as part of their learning.  Teacher and students worked with GoC to introduce breath, posture, concentration exercises and practices.  The effect has been continued regular meditation in the classroom, now led by teacher and students.

This was a workshop done with TeAda Productions and the UCLA Labor Center to organize a day-long gathering for social activists to experience yoga, Zen meditation, healing collage creation, and body/energy exercises.