Mirror Project

The Mirror Project is asking people in California about what makes for the state’s unique, shared story about health and well-being.  The diversity of perspectives and conditions in which people work, add to the texture and richness of this story.  Conversations have inspired original works of art in images and portraiture – all of which are part of a larger, cohesive image and story about what makes California a leader in advancing equity and re-imagining the meaning of health and wellness.

2018  was a year of tumult.  Yet throughout this time, people have stayed focused on doing the work that is needed to ensure that California remains a thought leader and co-creator with communities to ensure that health remains accessible to all.

The Mirror project is documenting through art, what is happening among those who build and promote leadership (especially among young people ready to engage systems and communities using tools and language of their generation).  It has connected with seasoned thinkers and advocates who are working consciously to ensure that their knowledge and experience is passed to a new generation.  The voices of scholars examining the ethics of the health care industry, wealth advisers bridging financial resources to values of equity and justice in promoting community health, healers (both traditional and indigenous) finding spaciousness in California to practice their healing arts – all are captured among the voices contributing to the Mirror Project.  

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