Orland Bishop

Orland Bishop portraitOrland Bishop combines an extensive study of medicine, naturopathy, psychology and indigenous cosmologies with a deep dedication to human rights advocacy and cultural renewal. His childhood encounters with the natural world, with death, and with elders and sages in his community led Bishop to the study of time and space, using ancient practices in a modern world.

The experience of nearly drowning in the ocean at the age of 6 is a story that he shares to illustrate how his awareness was awakened to the fact that his purpose is to serve as a channel or bridge between many worlds. His realization that his role is use his gifts to heal became clear in an unexpected encounter after a jazz concert in Leimert Park. A stranger who approached him needed $10 and promised to return it if Bishop would make the gesture of generosity. The loan was eventually repaid, a friendship emerged, and an important message was delivered as that once-stranger was dying. In his last moments, Bishop was present to receive the most important message in this lifetime: “Let go of what you are doing. Do what you were supposed to do in this life! Now!”

Since that encounter, Bishop’s work has taken him to many parts of the globe to teach, to mentor, and simply to be present to witness the phenomenon of healing and the emergence of wellness in conditions of dire need in some of the richest and poorest parts of the world. His lectures and advisory work has taken him to Africa, Europe, Latin America, and across the United States.

Bishop is co-founder and executive director of ShadeTree Multicultural Foundation in Los Angeles, California, a unique organization devoted to the mentoring of young people and the creation of communities to support them. The “genius to genius” mentoring approach helps to reveal the inherent gifts in each individual while seeking ways for each to live productively and originally in the world.