Rasheeda Hawk, Ph.D.

Rasheed Hawk portraitRasheeda Hawk has been practicing zazen for two years, and has a keen interest in using her biophysics training to study and document the healing effect of a regular practice of meditation. Her interest and dedication to health has been at the core of her work as a researcher in both the laboratory and the community.

Hawk was born and raised in south Los Angeles, where she encountered  poverty, destruction of individual, family, and community life to violence and drugs, all of which were a part of her childhood. These maladies continue to be part of her experiences today as a mother, as a researcher interested in exploring epigenetics and the phenomenon of health practices that can promote wellness, and as a community leader who is a teacher and role model for youth of Color who want to learn about science and their lives.

Hawk’s interest in meditation was recently reawakened when she was faced with institutional biases that affected her career. Her quest to discover the best way to encounter the institution, its people, and its practices led her to meditation and the discovery of a healing practice of self-care.