Ying Ming Tu

Tu 2 PortraitYing Ming Tu has been practicing meditation for more than 20 years. Tu is an artist whose work includes drawing, painting, film, photography, and calligraphy. His work has been shown in Taipei, Belgium, and the U.S.

His journey to meditation began at the age of 6 in a near-drowning experience after jumping into a river believing he knew how to swim. He vividly recalls the water rushing him down-river and having awareness of death. Then at 13, his father (then 34 years old) died from an aggressive viral infection. Visiting the morgue at night, Tu saw his father’s face in the moonlight, both serene and still. The face of death was peaceful and the sadness, eternal.

The aftermath brought Tu2 to Judo – a martial art he practiced with such devotion, that when he reached the age of military service, he was drafted into a body-guard unit assigned to protect General Chian Kai Shek and his family. The possibility of death was ever-present. Finally, in 1987, his marriage failed at the same time his job as a television news director in New York was eliminated after a change at corporate headquarters in Taipei. Tu was 34, the same age as his father when he died. Tu became so ill he believed that winter would be his last and he would die by himself, in a foreign land, alone. In death – one is always alone. He began to draw – and the image was his father’s face.

Thankfully, a friend found him in a basement apartment in New York, nursed him back to health. Tu recovered after making a promise to himself that he would do in this lifetime what he was born to do: make art, place beauty into the world, embrace his gift.

Learn more at www.tu-2arts.com.