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We See You

we-see-youJoin us for a four-part dinner series dedicated to healing and nourishing one another. Through this series, we plan to explore together how systemic racism affects and infects our relations. We invite you to meet new people, hear new stories, and discover ways to connect with others who see that the world needs more care and kindness, less suspicion and doubt. Learn more >


Our Story

Gift of Compassion is artist Ying Ming Tu (Tu-2) and mediator Angela E. Oh, zazen practitioners who have joined with many others to find the humbling truth, spoken by elders before them:  Perhaps the true meaning of life is nothing more than to learn to love better. Learn more about us >



Play is how we grow and learn together.  GoC plays with many others and offers these additional ways to grow capacity for generosity and strengthening the spirit. Learn about our collaborations >


Our Offerings

Gift of Compassion offers different entry points for individuals who have interest in exploring how to begin, sustain, and refine their abiity to meditate. The irony is there is nothing to do but be still and to breathe. Body, posture, mind alignment. Learn more about our offerings >



You can support Gift of Compassion to continue making art and meditation accessible in many forms by contributing in many different ways >