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O2 logoThe Gift of Compassion (“the GoC”) is a collaboration that combines contemplative practice, art, and unrealized human potential to support a healing process. Our common humanity is at the center of all we do.

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  • out-of-this-chaosAnything Can Happen Out of This Chaos
    How far have we come as we sit in the year 2020?  Is this a moment of collapse or is this an opening that could allow for a new opportunity to realize the highest aspirations and goals for security, peace, and compassion? The natural world has been turning and is practically upside down.  The data are showing unprecedented loss of species, both flora and fauna.  New and unpredictable changes in weather patters are destroying the ability of farming societies to survive, causing a migration of [continue reading . . .]
Meditation on Compassion

Healing Circles Training 2019. Gratitude altar.

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