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Labyrinth at Commonweal

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O2 logoThe Gift of Compassion (“the GoC”) is a collaboration that combines contemplative practice, art, and unrealized human potential to support a healing process. Our common humanity is at the center of all we do.

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  • Borders and Bridges
    The long walk of  my friend Francicso Ramos Stierle – aka Pancho or Panchito – began on March 12, 2019.  It began as a way to honor the sacred act of migration – an act that occurs among all living species that seek to survive and dance with the rhythms of Nature. The idea came to him in final fruition during the Fall Gathering of 2018 at Commonweal. Our deep bonding happened without words, over several days during early morning, silent meditations. Over dinner one evening, we [continue reading . . .]

Meditation on Compassion

Healing Circles Training 2019. Gratitude altar.